Food Truck Catering Services

Food Truck Catering Services

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With all of our food truck brands we wanted to be able to create the best experience from start to finish with our clients. We offer an array of menu options to appease all types of eaters. Service wise we offer a few styles to choose from as well. Our process is simple, easy and most of all fun!

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  • Our food truck is fully equipped to handle anything from small intimate gathers of 15-20 or larger parties of over 100 guests. We are fully self sustaining with water tanks and an ultra quiet generator.

Food Truck

  • Our trailer travels all over the valley. We use our trailer when we travel more than 1 hour form our main hub in Central Phoenix. It is equipped to handle small parties and large parties with over 100 guests.

Food Trailer

  • Our drop off catering experience is great for intimate gatherings at home or fun office get togethers. We set everything up using disposables to make for easy clean up. We offer buffet service and boxed meals as well.

Drop Off Catering

  • Not only do we serve from our mobile units but we do offer full service buffets with chef attended action stations to attended buffets.

Traditional Catering

Preferred Vendors